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How do I contact PayFit support?
How do I contact PayFit support?
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Our PayFit support team work from a shared inbox to answer your queries as quickly as possible. We ask admins to raise any queries via our Contact us form found in the Help Centre to ensure your query is always answered promptly by a member of our team.

Two important notes:

  1. Emailing PayFit directly via would mean that your query won't be automatically assigned to our team. Please ensure you follow the steps below to reach a member of our team as quickly as possible.

  2. You need to be logged in to your PayFit account to contact our support team.

Below is a list of support channels available to our customers.

Help Centre Articles

  • We've written hundreds of articles to help you understand all there is to know about both PayFit and U.K. Payroll (HMRC, Pensions etc.)

  • You can view these articles alongside the PayFit app by clicking the support button on the bottom right side of PayFit, and clicking the Help tab.

Ticketing system

  • If you need to raise a ticket, simply visit our Help Centre and scroll to the bottom to Send a request

  • To monitor existing tickets, simply go to your inbox found in My Requests.


  • The chatbot is designed to answer all the frequently asked questions we've received from customers of all sizes.

  • Some examples of queries the chatbot can answer are:

    • How do I add a new administrator?

    • Can an employee have multiple student loans?

    • What syncs from HiBob?

    • Why is my employee's tax fluctuating?

  • If the bot's answer is inadequate, you will be able to raise a ticket directly from the chatbot.

Live chat (Premium customers only)

  • If the bot is not able to answer your request, you will be redirected to live chat if our team is available. If our team is not available, you will be asked to raise a ticket.

  • Our live chat hours are from 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm (UK time) from Monday to Friday.

Book a call (Premium customers only)

  • Premium customers are able to book a call through the chatbot.

  • Simply use the chatbot and select I want to book a call with my advisor.

  • You'll be given a link to book a 30-minute call with your assigned customer care representative.

  • Kindly note that calls can only be booked 2 hours in advance.

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