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BambooHR Integration
BambooHR Integration
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This article outlines and introduces PayFit’s integration with HR software: BambooHR.

PayFit has created a way to automatically pull through some of your employees' information from your BambooHR account to PayFit, which will help to reduce the time you spend processing employee changes.

Benefits of Using the BambooHR x PayFit Integration

By using our integration with BambooHR, you're able to:

💡 Save time

💡 Remove manual double entry of data

💡 Improve workflows and alignment between HR and finance teams

💡Tailor the settings to select the type of data you'd like to be pulled over to PayFit

💡 Align tech stack

What Employee Information is Included in the Integration?

When you have set up the integration on PayFit you will be able to activate the following information to be pulled over from Bamboo. Please note that you're able to adapt your settings so you only pull through some of the below information if you wish.

The integration can pull through any added/deleted/changed:

✅ New starter personal information (all of the below plus date of birth, gender, NINO, start date, salary).

✅ Personal information (name, email address, phone number, home address).

✅ Salary changes (backdated up to one month in the past).

✅ Contract details (job title, hours per week).

✅ Employee bank details (UK bank details only).

✅ Leaver information.

✅ Bonuses or commissions.

✅ Annual and sick leaves (start and end dates in the current month, the future or no more than one month in the past).

❌ Annual leave allowances (this will need to be added directly into PayFit if you want the leave to be deducted from the total and for PILOH to be auto-calculated when an employee leaves).

❌ Other types of leave (eg. parental/unpaid/jury service).

❌ Other types of payments.

❌ Pushing payslips from PayFit to Bamboo

⚠️ BambooHR is the source of truth so only information from BambooHR is pulled over to PayFit, not the other way round. Please note that PayFit can only update the information once it is present on Bamboo ⚠️

Step by step: How to set-up the integration in PayFit

1️⃣ Log into your PayFit account and go to the Integration Hub. Click to Activate the Bamboo integration.

2️⃣ You will be presented with a pop-up asking for your BambooHR domain, this will take you to your BambooHR login page.

Or you are already logged in to BambooHR and you activate the integration, you will not be redirected to BambooHR, you will directly arrive on this homepage:

When you click Set up access, you will only see:

5️⃣ PayFit will notify you in-app if there are any issues with the integration and it will display it as a 'required action'.

6️⃣ Select the preferred settings for the data you'd like to sync.

  • If all employees in your BambooHR account will be synced, the sync will start overnight once you've selected the settings you'd like.

  • If you're filtering the employees you'd like to sync from your BambooHR account, please allow one working day for our team to pull the filters through from BambooHR. You'll know this has been successful because the filters (such as the specific 'Contract Types' or 'Sites') listed in your BambooHR account will show in PayFit for you to select. Once this stage is complete, the sync will happen overnight.


As the bank account detail fields in your BambooHR account can be customised, it means that these fields need to be manually mapped to PayFit. To do this;

1️⃣ From the Integration Hub, click Sync your HR information on PayFit.

2️⃣ At the bottom of the page, click See custom fields, then click Add custom field.

3️⃣ You'll see a list of all of your custom fields in BambooHR. Copy the name of the field used for the bank account number.

4️⃣ Next to Label on BambooHR, paste the text you've copied.

5️⃣ Choose the Account number option next to Label on PayFit then click Save.

6️⃣ Repeat steps 3 to 5 for the Sort code and Bank name.

Setting up a practice sync before enabling the integration

Where possible, our team advises that we run a practice sync of your data before going live with the integration so that you're able to review the information before it goes live in PayFit.

If you'd like to view the data that will be pulled across from BambooHR before 'going live' with the integration, you'll need to:

1️⃣ Grant access to BambooHR using the instructions above.

2️⃣ Look at the settings available and note down which you'd like to enable. Please do not select these in the app yet.

3️⃣ Send our team a message via the Contact Us form to say that you'd like to do a practice run and detail the settings that you'd want to use in the email.

4️⃣ The PayFit team will run the data sync in a testing environment and provide you with an activity log of all the changes that will occur.

5️⃣ Once you're happy with the information, please input the settings you'd like to enable and the integration will go live the evening after all the settings are completed. Please note that if you opt not to pull all employees from BambooHR, there may be an extra step where you'll need to select the categories of employees once the filters have been collected from BambooHR overnight.

6️⃣ The integration is now live and data will be pulled from BambooHR overnight each day.

How to track changes made by the integration

Within the integration page, you will have access to a log of the changes made through the integration, with information like the date of the change, the type of change as well as the original and new data available on your PayFit app.

This can be found by going to Integrations Hub > Sync your HR information on PayFit > Activity Log. The audit log can also be downloaded for offline review.


How long does it take to set up the integration?

When you set up the integration between the two software, we will take the opportunity to check the parameters are set up correctly within the first 24 hours. This is to identify any potential issues that could occur, if our checks do not highlight any missing information we will make updates the following day. Therefore, the first time you set up the integration any new information added to Bamboo will appear in PayFit after 48 hours.

How often will my account be updated?

Once the integration has been set up, your account will be updated once at night (outside of business hours) every 24 hours. Therefore any new information added to Bamboo will appear in PayFit the following day.

What happens if there is an issue?

We have a dedicated team who look after our integrations. They test and monitor the integration regularly so if we spot anything that looks amiss, your customer care manager will be in touch to notify you and advise on the next steps. If you spot anything that looks incorrect in your PayFit account after checking the activity log, please reach out to a member of our team via the Contact Us form.

What happens if I update my employee information on PayFit but not on BambooHR?

If employee information, that is included in the integration scope, is updated on PayFit only, the information will be replaced by what is present on your Bamboo software.

How are we matching employees between PayFit and BambooHR?

To ensure PayFit is updating the correct employees with Bamboo information, we will use the nine different data points and compare them between both software.

If there is a situation where we are not able to match the employee, the employee will be indicated as “Not complete” in the ‘matched employee details’ section. If an employee flag as ‘Not complete’ this will also prompt a required action to ensure that the employee's payroll will run smoothly. Information may need to be updated in Bamboo for PayFit to sync the data to the correct employee. More information regarding this can be found in our Employee Matching Status article.

Does my data in BambooHR need to be entered in a specific format to work with PayFit?

Most data will sync from BambooHR to PayFit, provided it is in a standard format. However, the contract type used in BambooHR does need to match the options in PayFit which are;

  • Permanent

  • Fixed term

  • Contractor inside IR35

  • Zero-hour

  • Apprenticeship

  • Internship

If you don't have these options set up in BambooHR, you'll need to manually enter the contract type for each new starter in PayFit.

What additional employee information will I need to add for new starters?

When an employee is added to Bamboo, PayFit will take the information and import it directly into PayFit, reducing the time taken to onboard your new team members. However, not all employee information needed for payroll will be inputted into your HR software. Therefore, for every new starter, there will be some additional information to be added to the PayFit app, e.g. year to date information, to ensure your employee is paid correctly.

Can more features be added to the BambooHR x PayFit integration?

We're always working to improve our integrations so if you have any suggestions for further information to sync from BambooHR to PayFit, please let our team know via the Contact Us Form. Whilst we cannot promise any specific features due to data access limitations, it's great for us to know what would improve your internal processes even further.

Does the BambooHR integration work for PayFit in other countries?

At this time, the integration is only available in the UK.

When are new employees pulled from Bamboo to PayFit?

Admins can now choose when new employees are added to PayFit after they are added to the HR software. The options are: as soon as the employee is added to the HR software (via the overnight sync) or if their start date is in the current month. You can adjust your choice at any time by going to the Integrations Hub > Settings.

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