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The different roles in PayFit: Administrator, Manager and Accountant
The different roles in PayFit: Administrator, Manager and Accountant
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When you create a new Administrator access to your PayFit account, you have the possibility to choose between several "roles". Each role will have access to different menus, information and functionality.

There are 3 roles, administrator, manager and accountant.

1️⃣ How to set up and manage roles on PayFit?

In the category "Access & emails" > "Administrators", you will find the list of users in the PayFit administrator area and their roles.

To create a new role, click on the "Create account" button.

You can choose to create an account for someone who already has an employee account on PayFit or for an external person.

Fill in the requested information and proceed to the next step.

It is at this stage that you can choose between the roles of Administrator, Manager and Accountant.

The Manager's role is reserved for validating requests (absences and expense reports) and monitoring working time. Its access is limited to the Dashboard and Validations menus.

The Accountant's role limits the menus and features to which that person will have access. You can also uncheck some of these menus and features so that this person does not have access to them.

πŸ’‘ Note that the Administrator role provides access to all menus and features by default and cannot be changed.

To modify the rights associated with an existing role, click on the "..." of the person in question and then on "Edit".

You will then be able to view the different accesses and corresponding rights. Check or uncheck the boxes to edit the role (only possible for accountant roles).

2️⃣ The Administrator role (default, not customisable).

The Administrator role gives the highest level of access and allows you to define the roles and rights of other users in the administrator area.

  • Access to all menus and features of the administrator area

  • Creation, modification or deletion of other users in the administrator area

πŸ’‘ Note that the Administrator role provides access to all menus and features by default and cannot be modified or customised.

3️⃣ The Manager role (customisable)

The Manager role provides access to menus for managing the requests of the employees it manages.

  • Restricted dashboard access: quick view of employee requests and calendar

  • Access to the validations menu

    (absences and expense reports, depending on the features activated)

  • Access to employee records (work events, salaries, etc.);

The Manager's validation and viewing rights are set up when they are attached to an employee via the employee record or when creating a workflow for which they are a beneficiary.

The manager can be part of the institution or external.

4️⃣ The Accountant role (customisable)

The Accountant role provides access to all information and documents related to the accounting of your institution.

  • Access to the management of benefits

  • Access to the management of pension

  • Access to the company billing

  • Access to the documents and payslips

  • Access to the accounting of the company

The Accountant role is pre-configured, but it is possible to modify certain rights according to the needs of your organisation.

You can therefore create customised roles, with personalised access.

πŸ’‘ For example, if you do not want to give your accountant access to the "Billing" section, simply change the role.

Frequently asked questions

My accountant has an Administrator role: how do I give him an Accountant role?

In the "Access & emails" > "Administrator" category, click on the "..." opposite the person concerned and then on "Edit". Change their role from Administrator to Accountant and validate.

πŸ’‘Your accountant will be informed by email of the change of role.

How can I limit the information my accountant can see?

Go to the category "Access & emails" > "Administrator", then click on the "..." in front of your accountant's name and then on "Edit". Then choose "Configure access of the Accountant role" and uncheck the menus you do not want to give him/her access to.

I can't customise the Administrator role, why?

This is normal, the Administrator role is not customisable. It gives mandatory to access to all menus and features of the PayFit administrator area. Only the Manager and Accountant roles are customisable.

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