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Accessing your company payroll reports
Accessing your company payroll reports
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What are company reports?

Company reports are the built-in standard reports in your PayFit account.

The payroll reports include; company cost breakdowns, gross income breakdowns, gross-to-net reports, amounts due to HMRC reports and much more.

While the HR reports include; leaves, events (for example birthdays, start dates, leave dates), gender pay gap and so on.

Where do I access these?

From the left, choose Reports, then Company reports. Here you'll see the reports are broken down into two sections, Payroll reports and HR reports.

To access any report, just click the text highlighted in blue. Each report has a version for the current month and another for the tax year.

Tip: You can access reports for an earlier month by selecting the earlier month from the drop-down in the top-right-hand corner.

Exporting data

On each report, you can view the data in the app, and sort columns to find the relevant employees or values. Alternatively, you can export the values as a PDF, Excel or CSV file. You'll find these options at the bottom of each report.

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