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Collecting and Uploading Employee Data
Collecting and Uploading Employee Data
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We understand that transferring all of your data from one source to another can require a lot of work. This guide, along with the support of the Onboarding Team, will help you make the transition as seamless as possible.

Giving us the right onboarding data is important to ensure your employee and HMRC records are correct when PayFit makes your first submission.

Any missing or incorrect data can lead to discrepancies between your HMRC account and PayFit

Collecting Employee Data

Most of the data we need will usually be on your employees payslip. Not all payslips contain the same information but typically you can find the following on the payslip:

  • Taxable income in current employment

  • Tax paid in current employment

  • Employee NIC paid in current employment

  • Student Loan deductions

Your previous provider should also be able to provide you with reports containing this information if you cannot find this on the payslips.

Less common information:

This table will highlight some of the information that is not always on payslips, where else you can find it and also some common mistakes we see.

*aka Deductions Earnings Sheet, not to be confused with a P11D for reporting benefits information

💡Please ask your previous provider for a copy of the last FPS they submitted - you should use this as the source of truth for data that you cannot find on the payslip

If you are still unable to find some of the data we are asking for please let our Team know and they will be able to provide you with some more guidance.

Uploading Employee Data to PayFit

Firstly, navigate to My Employees > Add an employee

A. You can fill in your employees' personal information.

B. If an employee has previously worked for you, you can use this employee's information as a reference to complete the employee information that you are about to create.

C. To save some time, your employee can complete their personal information themselves.

For more information on adding an employee to PayFit please go to:

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