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Collecting and Uploading Company Data
Collecting and Uploading Company Data
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We understand that transferring all of your data from one source to another can require a lot of work. This guide, along with the support of the Onboarding team, will help you make the transition as seamless as possible.

Giving us the right onboarding data is important to ensure your employee and HMRC records are correct when PayFit makes your first submission.

Any missing or incorrect data can lead to discrepancies between your HMRC account and PayFit.

Once you have access to your PayFit account you will be asked to complete the “Onboarding checklist”.

Here you will be asked to input key company data.

⚠️It is important you correctly report this information as any incorrect or missing data may cause incorrect net payments on the payslips, resulting in discrepancies between your PayFit and HMRC accounts.

The checklist is split into 4 sections and can be found within the “Welcome!” tab

HMRC information

We will need to know your HMRC credentials in order for us to make the monthly submissions on your behalf.

This includes:

  • Government Gateway user ID

  • Password

  • Employer Pay As You Earn (PAYE) reference

  • Accounts office reference number

⚠️ Please also make sure that your PAYE is activated with HMRC

Payroll set-up

Within this section you will need to input your company policies around leaves (OMP/ OSP), employee payment method and calculation preferences.

Pension scheme information

Within this section you will need to specify the type of pension scheme you have and your auto-enrolment responsibilities.

This includes:

  • Duties start date

  • Last re-enrolment date

  • Your upcoming re-enrolment date

  • Pension scheme provider

  • Pay deduction method

Additional information

💡Please ask your previous provider for a copy of the last EPS they submitted before onboarding as this will have most of the required information

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