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This article will show you how to:

  • set up your preferred admin email address.

  • set up reminder emails to you as an admin, such as employee anniversaries.

  • adjust company email settings.

  • trigger emails with relevant documents from PayFit to your employees

Email Notifications Overview

βœ… Email notifications are available for both Admins and Employees.

βœ… Admins can customise the email reminders they are sent so that they only receive those of interest to them.

Step by Step: How to Edit Admin Personal Settings

To change your admin details, click on the company name at the top right corner of the screen > Personal Settings. Here, you can change your email address, password and set up 2 factor authentication when logging in.

Step by Step: How to Set up Admin Reminder Emails

As an admin, it can be hard to keep track of your employees' lifecycle. This is where PayFit can step in and support you. Thanks to our customs emails, you can customise your notifications to never miss out on important events within your company including birthdays, employee anniversaries, and others.

Head to Emails and Access > Email Notifications > scroll to Edit Admin Emails.

Here, you can choose the admin email address to receive the notification, toggle any event of interest and choose when to receive the email reminder. Please click save to record these changes.

Step by Step: How to Change Company Email Settings

In the Company email settings section, you can select the preferred email recipients that will receive the notifications.

πŸ’‘ The default email address will receive the reminder that payroll will run at a selected time if automatic payroll has been enabled in the Company Settings πŸ’‘

Click on Emails and Access > Email Settings > Company Email Settings > Edit.

You can choose one or multiple recipients of each email notification type.

Once added, the emails can also be removed by clicking on the 'x' next to the selected recipients. You're also able to disable all email notifications for the selected category by un-toggling the bar at the top.

If you don't un-toggle the notification type as instructed above, all email notifications will go to the default email at the top of the screen.

Step by Step: How to Activate Employee Email Notifications

PayFit allows you to customise automatic emails notifications for documents to be sent to employees such as P11d's, P45's, etc.
To set this up, go to Emails and Access > Email Notifications > Employee Emails > Edit.

Here, you can toggle any employee emails you'd like to be triggered for certain documents.

⚠️ If you don't enable the toggle for employee emails (and don't have the employee documents section enabled in the Employee Space), you will need to send these documents to employees manually ⚠️

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