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Onboarding from Xero - User guide
Onboarding from Xero - User guide
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Moving to a new payroll software provider can seem like a daunting experience, but here at PayFit we want to make the journey as smooth as possible for you.

So, if you’re switching from Xero, we have a way of automatically transferring your employee data.

This process is very quick and should only take 15 mins of your time. We just need you to download a few key reports from Xero.

What data do we need?

1) Full Payment Submission (FPS):

This is a document that employers need to submit to HMRC every time they pay their employees. It provides HMRC with information about the employees, taxes and contributions

2) Employee data: previous employment data, student loan plan, bank account details etc…

3) YTD Employer pension contributions

4) Previous month payslips: This will help when it comes to spot checking your Payslips on PayFit.

How do I find this data in my Xero account?

1. The FPS file

Once logged into your account Go to: Payroll β†’ RTI filings

Find the FPS file for the month you need, then select "download submission XML"

Please note – That if you’ve made multiple submission, make sure to check the β€œFile date”. The most recent file is usually at the top.

Please note - If you have made any HMRC corrections, please also download those FPS files.

2. Employee data

To pull your employees additional information, please go to Payroll β†’ Employees

Under the Xero β€œEmployees” section, you will see a full list of all your employees.

Please proceed to downloading the employee Excel files individually using the download button on the right.

Please note – Xero does not allow you to bulk download these files unfortunately.

3. Pulling YTD employer pension contributions

Please note that the FPS report does not include the employer's pension contributions, you will need to pull this data separately on Xero.

To pull your employer pension contributions, please go to Reports β†’ Pension contribution report

Select the below options:

Employees: All

Date Range: Last month (depending in what month your Xero account is in)

For example, if you are onboarding with PayFit in November, you will need to pull the data from October.

If your Xero account is already in November, you will need to pull β€œlast months” data (October).

Once the file β€œUpdated”, the below report will generate, with the list of your employees

4. Pulling the payslips:

Go to Payroll β†’ Pay employees

Click file named: "monthly ending (Date)"

Please note: Make sure the Status for the document is β€œposted” not β€œdraft”

Once you’ve clicked into the file, go to β€œOptions” (bottom right) β†’ Select β€œDownload payslips”

How to send this data across to PayFit?

Once you have access to the PayFit account please upload the files in the below folder:

My company β†’ Documents β†’ Company documents β†’ Your PayFit setup

Upload the FPS file in the β€œRTI submissions” folder

Upload the employee data in the β€œOnboarding Excel” folder

Upload the YTD Employer pension contributions in the β€œOther” folder

Upload the payslips in the "Payslips” folder

Once the files are in the correct folders, please email us to let us know.

To do so, go to our Help Centre and use the β€œsend a request” button:

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