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PayFit Payroll Calendar
PayFit Payroll Calendar
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What is the payroll calendar?

The PayFit payroll calendar is an easy-to-use guide designed to explain monthly payroll responsibilities shared between PayFit and its users. We've taken into consideration that each company has its own way of running payroll, with different pay days, payment methods and pension schemes, so the template is fully customisable and focuses on the following topics:

  • Understanding monthly payroll tasks (paying employees, HMRC submissions and payments, pension schemes)

  • Important dates - when are each of these tasks due?

  • Who is responsible for each task?

  • What if I don't have a (pension/HMRC) account?

Downloading the payroll calendar

πŸ’‘ If you do not have Microsoft Excel, you are able to open the template via Google Sheets, and it should still work.

Payroll calendar introduction / tutorial video

1 minute watch

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