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Running payroll with PayFit
Running payroll with PayFit

This article will walk you through the basics of how PayFit works.

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If you're new to PayFit, this article will show you the process of how payroll is run with PayFit since the experience may be different from running payroll with an accountant, or a different payroll software.

Below is a generalised summary of a monthly cycle of running payroll with PayFit

  1. Process and review your monthly changes (add starters, add bonuses, modify salaries, terminate contracts, etc.)

  2. Resolve required actions, if they are present in the notification bell (e.g. auto-enrol an eligible employee into a pension scheme, etc.)

  3. Run / close payroll (either manually or automatically)

  4. Make payments to your employees (either by us, or by you)

  5. We will handle your submissions / declarations (RTI submissions, pension uploads, issuing P45s, etc.)

Your company's payroll settings

All payroll settings can be viewed and changed via Company Settings > Payroll set-up

Required actions

  • Required actions are flags we've set up to protect your payroll by ensuring that everything is compliant (e.g. with HMRC regulations.) You need to resolve these, or your payroll will be blocked from running.

  • To resolve a required action, simply click on the notification bell found on the top-left side of your screen, and click the action to bring you to the page that needs your attention.

  • If you have an issue with a required action, simply contact our team, and we'll do our best to help!

Running payroll

To run payroll is to close your payroll for the month. Once payroll has run successfully, you'll be automatically moved to the following month. You won't be able to make any changes to the previous month without contacting us.

There are two ways to run payroll on the PayFit app: Automatically or Manually

Automatic payroll

At around 11pm of your chosen payroll date as long as there are no required actions.

Always keep track of when your payroll runs each month as it is the last day to make any payroll changes for the month.

Manual payroll

You can run payroll manually each month by going to Run my payroll > Run payroll
We recommend you run your payroll one to two working days before your payday to ensure that submissions are processed on time.

Paying employees

You have four options to make payments to your employees within PayFit:

Payment method


PayFit tips

Manual bank transfer

Sending money to your employees, one at a time.

You can find a summary of your employees' bank account details and net pay from the Run payroll page.

Payment file

Faster Payments, BACS, etc.

Use this file to upload the payments you need to make from your company bank account, to your employees.

You'll find your payment file in the Company documents > Bank Files folder once you've run payroll.


Telleroo can be used with PayFit to make payments to your employees with minimal processing times. For further information, please refer to our Help Centre article.

You'll find the total net payment value in the Run payroll page. You'll need to transfer this money from your bank account, to Telleroo to make your payments.

Cash/ Cheque

Pay your employees in cash, or with a written cheque.

Important note: Only Telleroo payment files are uploaded on your behalf. For any other payment methods, you'll be responsible for making the payments to your employees.

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