Step 1 : Preparing your payroll data

Last update: Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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Whether it's your first time managing payroll, or you run it regularly with your eyes closed, we've prepared a set of articles to guide you towards a smooth transition during the start of your PayFit journey.

There are 4 steps to setting up your account:

Setting up a payroll takes around 5-10 business days depending on the company's size, payroll data availability and context. We highly recommend not leaving things to the last minute, so that we have time to double-check everything has been set up correctly.

What payroll data do I need?

Below is a table that summarises all the data we required to set up your payroll on PayFit. Don't worry if there is something that isn't relevant or you can't find some of these documents. It is simply a guide to help make your onboarding a lot easier.

If you have not registered with the HMRC, you can do so here



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