Step 2 : Uploading your company information

Last update: Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Well done for collecting your payroll data! 🥳

Now that you have all (or most) of your payroll data ready, it's time to input your company settings. This is a one-time setup during the first month to help the PayFit app understand your payroll practices and company policies. If one of the tasks do not apply for you (e.g. you do not have a bank account or pension scheme, simply click Complete this later.)


Tell us a little bit more about your company

Simply navigate to Welcome ! > Let's get started and answer a few basic questions to help us tailor your onboarding experience.


Configuring your company's settings

After filling in the Let's get started page, navigate to Welcome! > Onboarding checklist to access the Onboarding Checklist, which keeps track the pages you will need to fill.

Please read on to find more details:

My HMRC Details


Input your HMRC credentials here, so that we are able to send RTI submissions on your behalf every month. If you are moving from an accountant, there is a likelihood that they had their own credentials because they were agents, so you'll need to get your own.

💡 If you do not have your own HMRC credentials, please refer to this article.

PayFit does not have its own agent credentials since it is a software not an agent.


Information required

My payroll set-up

Information required


Optional / Situational

The instructions below are optional and not required to run your payroll

Setting up your workplace pension


Only fill this out if you have a pension scheme. This step is mainly for compliance purposes and will not affect payroll. If not applicable, you may toggle as done.

The purpose of this step is to ensure that you are aware of your auto-enrolment responsibilities since compliance is regulated and audited by the Pension Regulator. To help you understand the various terms, please go through the table below:


Pension scheme 

💡 Only fill this out if you have a pension scheme. If not applicable, you may toggle as done.

If you have a pension scheme, click Add a new pension scheme to input your pension scheme details into PayFit.


If you want PayFit to manage your pension submissions for you, please refer to this article.

Your company Year-To-Date (YTD) Information

Some of these are optional/situational depending on the context of your company.


Simply click on the circle with your company's initials to add your company's logo. 

The logo you've uploaded will be displayed on your payslips.



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