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HRIS Module: Onboarding Questionnaire
HRIS Module: Onboarding Questionnaire
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In addition to managing your payroll in PayFit, you can also subscribe to our HRIS Module, combining HR and Payroll in one platform. The module includes the following features;

  • Create a smoother experience for new employees by creating an onboarding questionnaire to gather employee information.

  • Allow employees to manage their leaves from their employee space.

  • Create your org chart and make it visible to only admins, or employees too.

  • Allow access for employees and managers to document their regular 1:1 reviews.

  • Create workflows for indirect managers to receive requests to approve leaves, expenses and time-tracking when the employee's usual manager isn't available.

This article focuses on the onboarding questionnaire feature but please take a look at the articles above to explore the additional features.

What is an Onboarding Questionnaire?

Instead of dealing with back and forth emails to ask new hires to provide essential information for their on-boarding, you can set up questions and document requirements for the employee to answer in their PayFit account. Admins can create a questionnaire personalised to your company needs and capture all required information and documents in PayFit.

Feature Overview: Onboarding Questionnaire

βœ… Admins can set up questions for employees to answer - these can be set to answer with a multiple choice option, a date or text.

βœ… Admins can choose the type of document that the employee needs to upload.

βœ… Admins can choose whether to send the questionnaire to all employees on PayFit or just to new starters.

βœ… Admins can track the progress of employees answers and send reminder emails if needed.

βœ… Employees can access their onboarding questionnaire in their employee space.

βœ… Employee answers are stored in PayFit and can be accessed by the admin at any time.

❌ Admins aren't able to set up onboarding questionnaires that are bespoke to each employee - the company template will be sent to all employees / new starts as specified.

❌ Admins cannot add extra Document categories to the onboarding questionnaire- the only options are ID, Criminal Record, Driving License and Diploma.

Step by Step: How to Create an Onboarding Questionnaire

1️⃣ Go to My Team > Onboarding questionnaire > Edit to start the process.

2️⃣ Click on 'Add Question'.

3️⃣ Admins can choose the type of question you'd like to ask your employee.

For example, if you want to ask a multiple choice question, you're able to populate the possible answers.

4️⃣ Choose the documents you'd like the employee to provide by clicking on 'Add a Document' and selecting the preferred ID types

5️⃣ Click on 'Save and publish'. Here you will be asked if you'd like to share the on-boarding questionnaire with new hires only, or to all existing employees. Choose which you'd prefer and click Publish.

How to Track Employee Responses

You're able to see which employees have completed their Onboarding Questionnaire by going to My Team > Onboarding Questionnaire > Employees Answers.

In this section, you can:

  • Export employee answers by clicking 'download'.

  • Edit employees' answers by clicking on the '...' > Edit line.

  • Send reminder emails to all employees by clicking on Send Reminder Email or per employee by clicking on the '...' > Send Reminder Email.

πŸ’‘ Any Documents that employees upload are available in the Documents section under Employee Documents > choose the relevant folder such as Criminal Record or ID πŸ’‘

What does the Employee See in their PayFit Account?

When your employees log into their employee portal, they will see the onboarding questionnaire on their homepage. They're able to drag and drop the documents / answer the questions on this page.

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