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Factsheets & Guides
All our useful articles to help you using PayFit
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Two-factor authentication for employees
The PayFit fundamentals
Two-factor authentication for administrators
HMRC account vocabulary and examples
Employer Guide: Employee with No National Insurance Number
Employer Guide: National Insurance Categories
Employer Guide: National Minimum Wage
Student loan plan repayments
IR35 Regulations - What they are and who they apply to
Step 1 : Preparing your payroll data
HMRC submissions / declarations by PayFit
How to choose the right tax code for your new employee
How to create an Expense Policy in the PayFit App
How to read an xml file
Final RTI Submission
HMRC Guidelines - Late Reporting
IR35 Regulations - Duties of clients and fee-payers
Gender Pay Gap Report
How To Create and Manage Administrator Accounts
What is an RTI number / Payroll ID?
Employees: booking leaves
Understanding an Employee's Tax Code
Contractual and Additional Payments
Employer Guide: Directors National Insurance
Collecting and Uploading Employee Data
BACS with PayFit
PayFit Payroll Calendar
Collecting and Uploading Company Data
New admin introduction
Required actions that are blocking your payroll
How to reconcile your HMRC account & what to do in the event of a discrepancy
Which reference number should I add when paying HMRC?
Employee Expenses - Matrix of Tax and National Insurance
Payslip Breakdowns
Step by step guide in how to calculate tax
How to create an HMRC account and activate your PAYE for Employers
Payroll for beginners (Running your first payroll)
Understanding how much income tax you pay
Creating custom reports
Advance payments to your employees
How to enable employees to see their documents
Employer Payment Record Report (P32)
Transitioning to Payfit from your previous payroll provider
Custom Payroll Journals
How to add annual leave requests on PayFit ?
Step 3 : Adding your employees to PayFit
How do I update my employees' tax codes?
Running payroll with PayFit
Employment Allowance and Small Employers' Relief
Why is Health & Social Care Levy showing on my payslip in April 2022
Cycle to Work Scheme
Onboarding from Xero - User guide
My PayFit invoices
Explaining RTI, FPS, NICs and other abbreviations you should be aware of
Adding Documents on PayFit
Why am I receiving e-mail notifications from the HMRC about failed RTI submissions?
What to do if your Company is Ceasing Trading
Cumulative and Non-Cumulative Tax Basis
How to add a student loan plan on PayFit
Employee Guide: Obtaining a National Insurance Number
Bulk Import Functionality: How to Import Payroll Variables in Bulk
Create and secure your PayFit account
Payments to make after running payroll
Managing Expenses
Step 4: Final steps before you run payroll
Salary Sacrifice & Statutory payments
How to add additional pay for underpayment in previous month(s)
The interview and performance management module for administrators
Enabling Manager Access & the Manager Space
Reverting Bulk Imports
Required Actions, Reminders & Adding Payslip Messages
Adding your company logo
Time tracking
Bank Files
Email Notifications
How do I invite my employees to PayFit
The interview and performance management module for managers
Guide - Onboarding with PayFit
The Employee Directory
How to Set Up Employees Access to Leaves in PayFit
How to create your first on-boarding checklist
How To View Tax Code Changes
Getting started with PayFit
Why should I activate my HMRC PAYE notifications?
Net to gross calculator
Season Ticket Loans
Payroll Journals
Faster Payments: Telleroo
What to do if your Business Information Changes
Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral - National bank holiday
Step 2: Uploading your company information
Understanding your payslip
Organisational charts and workflows
Validating Expense and Absence Requests in the Admin Space
Running Payroll manually or automatically
PayFit's HRIS Functionality: Leave Management
The different roles in PayFit: Administrator, Manager and Accountant
Changing Tax Codes
PayFit's One to One Module
Company reports
Guide to adding your monthly changes
Parallel Run Guide
Court Orders
Onboarding Questionnaire
How do I contact PayFit support?
Running payroll early for the holiday season
SmarterPay: Automated BACS Payment
What to check when PayFit is unable to make your RTI submissions
Making corrections in PayFit