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HRIS Module: Organisational charts
HRIS Module: Organisational charts
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In addition to managing your payroll in PayFit, you can also subscribe to our HRIS Module, combining HR and Payroll in one platform. The module includes the following features;

  • Create a smoother experience for new employees by creating an onboarding questionnaire to gather employee information.

  • Allow employees to manage their leaves from their employee space.

  • Create your org chart and make it visible to only admins, or employees too.

  • Allow access for employees and managers to document their regular 1:1 reviews.

  • Create workflows for indirect managers to receive requests to approve leaves, expenses and time-tracking when the employee's usual manager isn't available.

This article focuses on the organisational chart but please take a look at the articles above to explore the additional features.

Feature overview

βœ… Managers can validate their team's leaves and absences.

βœ… Employees can see who is absent from their team.

βœ… Employees can learn about the organisation's structure from their personal space, which can be helpful when onboarding new employees.

βœ… Use the Teams view to view each employee within teams, or Hierarchical view for a full organisational structure.

The organisational chart

The organisational chart enables you to create a visual representation of your organisation's hierarchical structure. You access the Org chart from My Team on the left, then Organisational chart.

A shortcut to the organisational chart also appears within the My employees page.

How to create an organisational chart

Firstly, decide what employees can see within their employee or manager space. To do this,

  1. In the top-right-hand corner, click Settings.

  2. Choose from one of the three following options;

    1. Show view by hierarchy and by team - Shows full organisation chart and a teams view, showing each employee in each team.

    2. By hierarchy only - Shows just the hierarchy view.

    3. Not displayed - The org chart will not be available to employees or managers.

  3. Click Save.

Next, you need to create your departments and teams, before assigning employees to their team.

Create a department

  1. Under the org chart, click the Department tab.

  2. Click Add a department.

  3. Type in the Department name, and choose a Department colour.

  4. Click Save.

Create a team

To create teams and assign them to the departments you've created;

Tip: You can create a team without assigning it to a department. This is useful if you only plan to use the Teams view.

  1. Click the Teams tab.

  2. Click Add a team.

  3. Type in a Team name, then choose the relevant Department from the drop-down.

  4. Click Save.

Assign employees to a manager and a team

Finally, you're ready to assign your employees to their manager and team.

Tip: You can quickly assign a new team and manager to an employee from their employee record. Just under their employee name, you'll see an Organisation section. Simply click the pencil button next to the Team or Manager.

To assign employees to a manager;

  1. In the top-right-hand corner of the Org chart, select Hierarchical view.

  2. In the top-left-hand corner of the Org chart, click <number> employee(s) without managers.

  3. Above the employee, click Add manager.

  4. Then in the Add a manager drop-down, select the manager's name.

  5. Click Next, then click Confirm.

For further information about how to create a manager on PayFit, please refer to this Help Centre article.

To assign employees to a team;

  1. In the top-right-hand corner of the Org chart, select Teams view.

  2. In the top-left-hand corner of the Org chart, click <number> employee(s) without team.

  3. Above the employee, click Add team.

  4. Then in the Team drop-down, select the team name.

  5. Click Save.

How to delete teams or departments from the organisational chart

To delete a team or department;

  1. From the left, choose My team, then Organisational chart.

  2. Under the Org chart, click either the Team or Department tab.

  3. Next to the relevant team or department, click the three dots, then click Delete.

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