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Our HiBob integration automatically syncs your employee information from HiBob to PayFit, significantly reducing the time spent entering employee changes.

Tip: We'll be updating our HiBob integration over the coming months to ensure we're ready to use their improved API services, before March 2024. If you use the HiBob integration in your PayFit account, we'll be in touch to let you know how to continue using the integration between HiBob and PayFit.

Benefits of using the HiBob x PayFit integration

By using our integration with HiBob, you can:

💡 Save time.

💡 Remove manual double entry of data.

💡 Improve workflows and alignment between HR and finance teams.

💡Choose the data you'd like to be synced with PayFit

💡 Align your tech stack.

What information can be synced from HiBob?

Once you've set up the integration to PayFit you can choose to sync any of the following fields from HiBob.

Note: HiBob is the source of truth. Information is synced from HiBob to PayFit, not the other way around.

The integration can sync any of the following information that has been added, removed or changed:

✅ Personal information: name, address, phone number, email address.

✅ Employee bank details: sort code, account number, and bank name (UK bank details only).

✅ New starter personal information: including gender, title, tax code, NI number, payroll number, and start date.

✅ Salary changes: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly & yearly salaries (backdated up to one month in the past).

✅ Contract details: job title, hours worked per week, weekly working pattern.

✅ Leaver information: leave date, reason.

✅ Bonuses or commissions.

✅ Annual and sick leaves: start and end dates in the current month, the future or up to one month in the past.

❌ Annual leave entitlement (this must be added manually into PayFit if you want the remaining leave entitlement to be calculated and for PILOH to be calculated when an employee leaves).

❌ Change of employment start date (this is to avoid discrepancies with HMRC).

❌ Other types of leave (eg. parental/unpaid/jury service).

❌ Other types of payments (incl. deductions).

❌ Pushing payslips from PayFit to HiBob.

❌ Overtime.

❌ Pension scheme information.

❌ Custom fields - We don't currently support synchronisation for custom fields. PayFit can only sync the default HiBob fields. It's also important that these fields aren't renamed in HiBob as this can disrupt the sync.

Overview of steps to set up the integration

There are five steps to setting up the integration between HiBob and PayFit.

  1. Generate your API token from HiBob.

  2. Enter your API token into PayFit.

  3. Decide which employees to sync.

  4. Choose which fields to sync.

  5. Contact us to arrange testing.

Section one: Generate your API token from HiBob

For PayFit to access information from HiBob, we use an API token. The API token is a key that allows PayFit to access your HiBob data. To create the API token;

  1. From your HiBob account, click your initials (top right), then API access.

  2. Select the following checkboxes to match the screenshot:

    Full employee read

    Time off submit request & read who's out

    Employee fields read

  3. Click Save.

  4. Click COPY TOKEN.

For further information, please refer to HiBob’s Help Centre API Guide.

Section two: Enter your API token in PayFit

  1. From the left, choose Integration Hub, then next to HiBob, click Activate.

  2. Tick the box to certify that you're authorised by your company to activate the integration, then click Grant access.

  3. Under the All integrations section, click Hibob.

  4. Click Actions, then Configure.

  5. Click API token.

  6. Read and accept the security statement.

  7. Paste the API token you copied earlier from Hibob into the Hibob API key field.

  8. Enter an email address to receive updates from PayFit related to your integration.

  9. Finally, click Save.

Section three: Choose which employees to sync

At this point, you need to note which employees you'd like to sync, so you can send this to us:

Tip: We'll set this up for you as part of our testing. Please don't add these details yourself just yet.

  1. Do you want the integration to add new employees to PayFit: Yes/No

  2. Do you want to sync all of your employees: Yes/No

  3. When do you want to add employees to PayFit?: As soon as they're added to your HR software, or only if their start date is in the current month.

  4. If you chose to sync only some of your employees, note down the Contract type, Departments and Sites that you'd like to sync.

    For example, sync all Part-time or Permanent contract types, in the London, Manchester and Newcastle sites.

Section four: Choose which data fields to sync

  1. Click Settings.

  2. Tick the fields you'd like to sync from HiBob, then click Save.

Section five: Contact us to arrange testing

We recommend running a practice sync before syncing into your live account. This gives you a chance to review the information that will be synced from HiBob into PayFit without affecting your live account. To do this;

1️⃣ Send our team a message via the Help Centre to say that you'd like to test the integration. Don't forget to include the settings you noted in Section three.

The testing process usually takes a couple of days. Our Customer Success team will get in touch if there are any issues related to your API token.

2️⃣ After the testing is complete, they'll direct you to the integration activity log, stored securely in your Company documents folder. This log shows the employee data that would sync from Hibob, based on the settings provided. Please review this data to check it includes the data you expected.

Tip: We can run another test integration if you'd like to change the employees, or the fields to sync.

3️⃣ Once you're happy with the data, you'll need to add those employee settings that you noted in Section three, into PayFit. To do this:

  1. Click Integrations Hub on the left, then the Activated integrations tab.

  2. Click Hibob.

  3. Click Actions, then Configure.

  4. Click Employee sync, enter the details you noted in Section three, then click Save.

4️⃣ The integration is now live and your data will sync from HiBob each night.


How often will my HR data sync to PayFit?

Once the integration is set up, the sync happens at night (outside of business hours) every 24 hours. Any information added to HiBob will appear in PayFit the following day.

How can I track the changes made via the integration

Within the integration hub, you can view a log of the changes made through the integration, with information such as the date of the change, the type of change as well as the original and new data available on your PayFit app. This is available from

To view the activity log:

  1. Click Integrations Hub on the left, then the Activated integrations tab.

  2. Click Hibob.

  3. Click Actions, then Configure.

  4. Finally, click Activity Log.

You can also download the log for offline review.

What happens if there's an issue?

We have a dedicated team who look after our integrations. They test and monitor the integration regularly so if we spot anything that looks amiss, your customer care representative will be in touch to notify you and advise on the next steps. If you spot anything that looks incorrect in your PayFit account after checking the activity log, please reach out to a member of our team via the Contact Us form.

What if I don't want all HiBob employees to sync to PayFit?

When selecting your integration settings, you can choose whether you want all of your employees on HiBob to be added to PayFit. If you select no, you're able to choose the filters to apply. Once you've selected the filters, you'll need to wait one working day for PayFit to pull over the filters (e.g. if you select contract type, PayFit will copy over the categories you use on HiBob). Once you've selected the specific categories, PayFit will only sync this information.

What causes an authentication error and how can I fix it?

The most common authentication errors are:

  • The API token has a typo, so it needs to be re-entered correctly on PayFit.

  • The API token is correct, however, the token has limited permissions. This means that PayFit can't pull the employee data from HiBob unless the permissions are extended on HiBob.

If the authentication error isn't rectified by following the above instructions, please reach out to our team via the Contact Us form.

What happens if I update my employee information on PayFit but not on HiBob?

If employee information, that is included in the integration, is updated on PayFit only, the information will be replaced by what is present on your HiBob software.

How are employees matched between PayFit and HiBob?

To ensure PayFit is updating the correct employees with HiBob information, we will use nine different data points and compare them between both software.

If there is a situation where we are not able to match the employee, the employee will be indicated as “Not complete” in the ‘matched employee details’ section. If an employee is ‘Not complete’ this will also prompt a required action to ensure that the employee's payroll will run smoothly. Information may need to be updated in HiBob for PayFit to sync the data to the correct employee. More information regarding this can be found in our Employee Matching Status article.

What additional employee information do I need to add for starters?

When an employee is added to HiBob, the relevant information is automatically synced to PayFit, reducing the time taken to onboard your new team members. However, not all employee information needed for payroll will be entered into your HR software. Therefore, for every new starter, there will be some additional information to be added to PayFit, e.g. year to date information, to ensure your employee is included on the payroll and paid correctly.

When are starters synced from HiBob to PayFit?

Admins can now choose when new employees are added to PayFit after they are added to the HR software. The options are: as soon as the employee is added to the HR software (via the overnight sync) or if their start date is in the current month. You can adjust your choice at any time by going to the Integrations Hub > Settings.

What happens when I re-employ an employee in Hibob?

If an employee returns to work for you after leaving, from HiBob, you can simply add a new contract to the existing employee's record. However, from a payroll point of view, HMRC requires a second employment, with a new RTI ID. This requires a second employee record in PayFit.

As the original HiBob record is linked with the employee's first employment on PayFit, PayFit is no longer able to sync information from Hibob to a new record on PayFit. To use the integration for the second employment, in HiBob, you'll need to set up a second employee record for the new employment. Otherwise, this employee will always be excluded from the sync and you'll need to manually update the record in PayFit and in HiBob.

Can I set up a service user token in HiBob?

Service user tokens are currently not supported in the PayFit portal. We'll update this article when this is supported in the future.

I have purchased Payroll Hub, how do I connect it and PayFit?

PayFit currently integrates directly with HiBob and not Bob’s Payroll Hub, Payroll Connect.

Can more features be added to the HiBob x PayFit integration?

We're always working to improve our integrations so if you have any suggestions for further information to sync from HiBob to PayFit, please let our team know via the Contact Us Form. Whilst we cannot promise any specific features due to data access limitations, it's great for us to know what would improve your internal processes even further.

Does the HiBob integration work for PayFit in other countries?

At this time, the integration is only available in the UK.

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