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Time-tracking (Variable hours)
Time-tracking (Variable hours)
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What is time-tracking?

This feature allows admins to create a variable schedule for employees on an hourly or zero-hour contract. You can use this to enter different hours, each day, of each week if you want to. You can also enter multiple shifts with different pay rates (e.g. for night shifts).

Tip: Leaves such as sickness and annual leave, reflect the scheduled hours the employee would normally work on those days. For example, if the employee usually works 4 hours on Monday, the leave will reflect 4 hours.

The time-tracking feature has two main components:

  1. Planned hours - Entering the usual hours worked by the employee for each day, and each week. This can be applied for each day of the month on a. recurring basis.

  2. Actual hours - Adjusting the hours to accurately reflect the hours worked, and therefore paid.

Set up the variable schedule in PayFit

To activate the schedule for the company:

  1. From the left, choose Company settings, then Payroll set-up.

  2. Under the Employee settings section, click Edit.

  3. Under the Work schedule section, select Variable (input hours worked each day of the month), then click Save.

You should then change the employee's pay to be calculated Hourly, based on the calculated hours each month. To do this:

  1. From the employee's record, click the Employment tab, then Edit contract.

  2. Under the Salary & payments section, set the Pay base rate to Hourly.

  3. Next to How would you like the base salary to be calculated? select PayFit computes the sum of all hours worked during the month based on the employee schedule.

  4. Click Save.

Finally, to add the employee's usual work schedule:

  1. From the employee's record, click the Employment tab, then Edit working hours.

  2. Select the days worked in the first section, then enter the hours worked each day in the second section.

  3. Click Save work schedule.

Adjust schedules based on hours actually worked

To adjust an employee's schedule based on actual hours worked each month:

  1. From the left, choose My team, then Work schedules.

  2. Under the <Month> schedules for employees working with variable salaries section, locate the employee, then click Edit schedule.

  3. To add the hours worked each day, and the hourly rates for each employee, click Edit schedule. Or, to add these details in bulk, click Import weekly schedule.

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