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The interview and performance management module for administrators
The interview and performance management module for administrators
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Who is this article for?

This article is intended for administrators of PayFit accounts.

What does the module allow and how to activate it?

With this module, PayFit supports you in setting up and monitoring interview campaigns. To activate it, go to "Performance & Engagement" > "Interview management".

What are the different types of interviews?

There are no mandatory interviews in the UK so we decided to provide you with templates on the main ones we have identified as the most common

  • The end of probation review

  • The performance review

  • The offboarding interview

What is the difference between the "1:1 module" and the "interview and performance management module"?

The module for creating recurring meetings (1:1) should not be confused with the module for managing interviews and performance. These modules are complementary.

The 1:1 module, for example, allows managers to be closer to their teams, to take their well-being into account and to avoid discovering certain elements during the annual performance reviews.

Where is the interview and performance management module on PayFit?

The module is accessible from the Administrator area, in the "Performance & Engagement" > "Interview Management" menu.

👉 Please note

Only the administrator can set up interview campaigns. When creating the campaign, he/she can choose the person who will then review the results of the employees, i.e. the person who will add his/her feedback and finally validate the employee's self-assessment.

How to create a new campaign?

In the "Performance review (Beta)" menu, a "Recommendations" insert offers you interview templates according to the professional situation of your employees:

  • an interview for employees at the end of the trial period;

  • an offboarding interview for employees at the end of their contract.

If you don't want to follow PayFit's recommendations and simply create another campaign, click on the blue "New Campaign" button.

1️⃣ Choosing an interview template

You have the possibility to :

➡️ Select the template of your choice:

  • Performance review

  • Offboarding

  • End of probation period

Once selected, you can add, modify or delete questions.

➡️ Start from scratch by creating your own template.

2️⃣ Set up the campaign

➡️ Fill in the main information of the campaign (the name and an optional description).

➡️ Then choose who will review the results. This person will be able to view the employee's answers, comment on them by adding their own written feedback and validate (sign) the interview from their Employee space.

This person can be :

  • yourself as an administrator;

  • the manager linked to the employee via his/her employee record.

As an administrator, you will have access in both cases to the final results of the interviews from your Administrator area.

If it is the manager who reviews the results, we advise you to check the links between employees and managers in the organisation before you start the campaign.

You will still be able to change the manager assigned to an employee as long as the employee has not completed their interview.

💡 If no manager is attached to an employee on their employee record, it is the employee themselves who will be able to fill in a manager when they complete their self-assessment from their Employee space. This choice has no impact on the link between them in PayFit but allows the employee's manager to be identified during the interview campaign. The designated manager will receive an email to review the results and sign off the interview. If the manager refuses the assignment, the employee will be notified by email and will have to inform another manager.

➡️ Finally, choose the target of the campaign:

  • all employees;

  • a team or one or more collaborators.

✅ Click on "Define questions" to go to the next step.

At this stage, you can still modify the model chosen in step "1️⃣ Choose a template". Click on "Template: name of template" at the top of the page to browse the different templates offered by PayFit and choose a new one from the drop-down list.

➡️ From this page you can move, edit, delete or duplicate questions. Move your mouse over the question to see the options.

Create new questions by clicking on "Add question" at the bottom of the page.

➡️ When you edit or create a new question, you must fill in several pieces of information.

What is your question?

This is the question that will be asked of the employee.


You can use the description to explain the question for example.

Who can answer?

Choose who should answer the question: the employee, the manager or both.

If it is the administrator who reviews the results of the interview (see part "2️⃣ Set up the campaign" of this article), only the employee will be an option since the manager is not involved in the campaign.

Question type

Select the type of question / answer.

  • Text question = the employee will answer with a free sentence.

  • Linear scale = the employee will drag the cursor over the proposed range.

  • Multiple choice = fill in the answers yourself which can be selected by the employee.

  • Mood = the employee should answer the question with a mood emoji.

Additional parameters

You have two options.

  • Mandatory question = tick if an answer is mandatory for this question.

  • Allow multiple options = this option only appears if the question is a "Multiple Choice".

Don't forget to save your changes!

4️⃣ Define campaign deadlines

Now define the dates related to each stage of the campaign.

You can also activate reminders: employees will receive an email so that they do not forget the different steps.

At any time during the creation of the campaign, you can leave the page by clicking on "Back to dashboard" at the top left.

PayFit will let you either:

  • save the draft of your campaign in order to modify it later;

  • to delete the creation of this campaign altogether.

Once the campaign has been launched, how can I, as an administrator, follow its progress?

To follow the progress of a campaign, go to "Performance review".

You will find the information related to the campaigns, defined during the creation.

The "Status" column shows you the progress of the employees.

Click on the three dots "..." to open or delete the campaign. The campaign can no longer be deleted once at least one respondent has already completed and signed their self-assessment.

However, you can still add or delete staff members from this interview campaign.

Click on the campaign of your choice.

The top of the page shows:

  • Progress: the number of completed self-assessments (signed by staff) and those remaining;

  • the schedule: the time remaining before the end of the campaign as well as the different deadlines set up during the creation.

The lower part of the page shows the staff involved in the campaign, their team and a status column indicating the progress of the self-evaluation:

  • self-assessment: the self-assessment has not yet been completed;

  • feedback from the manager: the employee has completed the self-assessment and it is now up to the manager to share the feedback;

  • pending signature: the self-assessment still needs to be signed by the staff to be finalised.

  • signed: the self-assessment is completed and signed.

If it is the managers who review the self-assessments, the table also shows a "Manager" column, with the manager attached to each employee via the employee record.

When a "(n/a)" is indicated in the manager column, this means that no manager has been assigned to the employee on his employee record. He can manually fill in a manager himself when he completes his self-assessment (see the "2️⃣ Set up the campaign" part of this article for more information) or you can assign one yourself by clicking on "...".

You can add or remove an employee by clicking on the "Add participants" button.

Click on the three dots "..." to the right of employees who have not yet completed their self-assessment to email them again.

Once the campaign has been completed by employees, what should I do as an administrator?

➡️ When the employee has completed their assessment, click on their name to view their responses. If it is the team manager who reviews the results, you will also be able to access their final feedback.

If your interviews contain closed questions and scale questions, it is also possible to view the results in graphical form by going to the campaign and then to the question of interest.

➡️ If you are the one reviewing the results, you will receive an email reminding you to add your feedback before the end of the campaign. You can go through them during the interview with the employee.

Note that PayFit does not plan this meeting. It is up to you, the manager or the employee to think about planning the exchange which can be based on the document completed by both parties.

✅ At the end of the interview, each party signs the document to validate it definitively. This signature has no legal value and simply closes the campaign.

👉 Please note

If you are a non-employee administrator (you do not have a PayFit employee area) and you are assigned to review the employee's responses, you will not have to sign the employee's self-assessment. Only the employee's signature will be valid.

Once the self-assessment has been signed by both parties, the answers and returns cannot be changed.

How to export the results?

Once the interview campaign is over, you can export the final answers of your employees in excel format.

To do this, click on the "..." at the end of the line of your campaign and then on "Open the campaign".

Then click on "Export assessments" in the top right-hand corner to download the Excel file with all the answers.

💡You can also export the individual interview reports in PDF format.
To do so, go to the desired campaign and then to the evaluation of the employee whose interview you wish to export. Click on the "..." under the column "Action".
Then click on "Export evaluations" to download the interview in PDF format.

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