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The interview and performance management module for managers
The interview and performance management module for managers
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Who is this article for?

This article is intended for managers of the company, who have manager access and/or employee access on PayFit.

Who can use the module ?

This feature is available if the PayFit Account Administrator has enabled this feature in PayFit.

With this module, the administrator of your company's PayFit account can set up and monitor review campaigns.

As a manager, from your manager or employee area, your role is to review your team's self-assessment. You have the possibility to add your feedback in writing and to sign the document during a final interview with the employees concerned. Note that PayFit does not schedule this meeting. It is up to you, the manager or the employee to think about planning the discussion, which can be based on the document completed by both parties.

Please note that if you have an employee space and a manager space, you can go to either of these spaces.

You will find the same content there.

What is the difference between the 1:1 module and the interview and performance management module?

The module for creating recurring points (1:1) should not be confused with the module for managing interviews and performance. (1:1) and the interview and performance management module. These modules are complementary.

The 1:1 exchange module, for example, enables managers to be closer to their teams, to take their well-being into account and thus avoid discovering certain elements during the annual performance reviews.

How am I assigned to review the responses of a campaign?

When the PayFit account administrator creates an interview campaign, they can choose who reviews the candidate's self-assessments.

This person will be able to consult the employees' answers, comment on them by adding their own written feedback and validate (sign) the interview from their Employee space.

This can be the admin or team manager.

If you're set up as an employee's manager, you will receive an email when the campaign is launched by the administrator. The email reminds you of the upcoming deadlines.

Note: Only admins can modify the links between managers and managed employees.

How can I share my feedback?

You will receive an email when an employee has completed his or her self-assessment. It is now your turn to look at their answers and add any feedback for the final interview.

Go to your manager or employee area, in the "Performance and Engagement" menu.

In the "To fill in ✍️" section, click on "Open X's assessment".

This gives you access to the employee's self-assessment and you can add any feedback you may have as a manager. The administrator may also have added questions for you, which you can complete at the same time.

If the employee has already made 1:1 exchanges If the employee has already made exchanges, their average mood over the last 3 months appears on the right in the "Resources" box.

Click at the bottom of the page on "Share my answers" to validate your feedback and make it available to the employee.

When your feedback is shared, the campaign is moved to the next section. You can always re-open the campaign to edit your returns.

What to do once the employee has completed the self-assessment and I have added my feedback?

βœ… On the day of the interview with the employee (this date is to be defined by you, outside the PayFit module), you review together their own answers and yours. At the end of the interview, each party signs the document to validate it definitively.

To sign the document, go to your Employee Area in the "1:1 and interviews" menu. In the section "Upcoming 🌍", click on "Review and complete X".

All completed interviews can be found in the "Performance and engagement" menu and in the "Reviews" section.

πŸ‘‰ Once the self-assessment is signed by both parties, the answers and returns cannot be changed.

πŸ”Ž I received an email because an employee named me as their manager

If no manager is attached to an employee on their employee record, the employee can inform a manager when completing his/her self-assessment from their Employee space.

This choice has no impact on the link between them in PayFit but allows you to identify the employee's manager during the interview campaign. If you are designated as the employee's manager, you will receive an email to review the results and sign the review.

Go to your employee area, then click on "Open request" to validate the assignment as manager for this campaign.

In case you are not the manager (e.g. if it's an error), you can refuse the assignment. The employee will be notified by email and will have to inform another manager.

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