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Using PayFit's net to gross calculator
Using PayFit's net to gross calculator
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If an employee receives a payment as a fixed net amount, rather than gross, PayFit can calculate the gross amount to ensure that the employee receives the specified value. You don't need to manually calculate the amounts to reach the total gross value.

To use the calculator:

  1. Within the employee's record, click the Pay items tab.

  2. Under the Additional payments section, click Net to gross.

  3. Enter the net amount you'd like the employee to receive.

  4. Click Compute gross amount to add.

PayFit calculates and confirms the gross amount that is necessary for the employee's net pay to be increased by the exact value you specified.

You'll need to add both payments to the employee's pay. For example, the gross amount to add might be named 'Gross up for bonus', with a second pay item named 'Bonus'.

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