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Using PayFit's payslip breakdowns
Using PayFit's payslip breakdowns
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PayFit aims to automate your payroll calculations, whilst also offering insight into how the total figures are calculated. If throughout the month, you wish to understand how an employee's salary, tax, national insurance or pension has been calculated, you're able to find a breakdown of this in PayFit. This can also be helpful if an employee asks for a calculation explanation after receiving their payslip.

Feature overview

βœ… View a full breakdown of the calculation for an employee's base pay, parental or sick leave payments, tax, national insurance and pension contributions.

βœ… If an employee's salary changes mid-month, the breakdown will show the calculation for the old salary, the new salary, and how these are combined.

βœ… You can also view a calculation breakdown of the employer NI and pension contributions.

βœ… View payslip breakdowns for each month you've been using PayFit.

βœ… Screenshots of the payslip breakdown can be sent to an employee if they query any calculations.

❌ Court order calculations aren't shown in the payslip breakdown so you'll need to reach out to PayFit support for a breakdown of this calculation.

View payslip breakdowns per employee

  1. From the employee's record, click the Payslip Breakdown tab.

  2. Click any of the blue links to see a breakdown of the value.

    For example, if you click Income tax, you'll see a breakdown as follows:

View payslip breakdowns for multiple employees

This is an easier way to check calculations for multiple employees at the same time.

  1. From the left, choose Reports, then Payslip breakdowns.

  2. Next to the relevant employee, click Payslip breakdown.

Access payslip breakdowns for earlier months

To view payslip breakdowns up to six months in the past:

  1. From the left, choose Reports, then Payslip breakdowns.

  2. In the top-right-hand corner, from the drop-down, choose the relevant month.

  3. Next to the relevant employee, click Payslip breakdown.

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