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Reverting bulk import files
Reverting bulk import files
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If you upload a bulk import file and realise there's an error in the data, as an admin, you can reverse the bulk import. This removes the data from the current payroll, so you can simply import the correct data.

This applies to a lot of the bulk imports, although some can't be reversed, instead, they can be overridden.

Reverting an import

You can revert the following bulk imports:

  • Pay items

  • Vouchers

  • Assets transferred

  • Loans

  • Salary changes

  • Annual leave or sick leave

To revert one of the above import files:

  1. From the left, choose Imports, then Log.

  2. Find the incorrect import file, then click Details.

  3. Click Revert import, then Revert import again.

Overriding an incorrect bulk import

If you make a mistake with any of the following bulk imports, you can simply upload a new file. This will replace the values uploaded from the previous file. This applies to the following bulk imports:

  • Private medical insurance, gym membership

  • Pensions

  • Tax code, national insurance number or Payroll ID

  • Right to work information

  • Personal information and emergency contact information.

  • Bank account details

  • Annual leave settings

  • Time off in lieu

  • Previous employment

  • Payslip messages

  • Roles and cost centres

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