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How to create your first on-boarding checklist
How to create your first on-boarding checklist
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Save precious time and compile all remaining tasks in a single and easily accessible section.

A new employee is instantly integrated into the Onboarding Checklist category of the Your Team section, in which you can select the desired checklist and follow the completion progress.

These checklists can be associated with, for instance, the department of the employee (Checklist Team Marketing, Checklist Team Tech, etc.), or the geographical location of the office (France Office, Spain Office, etc.). You may wish to build checklists with different content depending on the team. You can also add employee individual tasks to the checklists.

Now let's create your first checklist!

-Select the Your Team section and navigate to Onboarding Checklist

- Select your employee

- In the drop down menu of "choose a model" select "+ New model"

- Add a name to your model e.g. PayFit Onboarding

- Add the number of tasks you prefer and name them accordingly before validating

You can now select the newly created model in the drop down menu for this specific and any other employee

You can also assign individual employee tasks in the "other tasks for this employee" section

To create or modify a new template of predefined tasks, simply click on the name of the template and click on the pencil to modify it or on + New model to add another one.

You can also follow the completion status within the same section

πŸ’‘The onboarding checklists are only visible to the administrator to facilitate the onboarding process. It is not visible to the employee in the employee space.

πŸ‘‰ The checklist might also be used for leaving employees. Just create an "Off-boarding" model and add the tasks to be performed.

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