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Custom Payroll Journals
Custom Payroll Journals
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The Custom Payroll Journal is providing more flexibility by giving more customizability to your payroll journals. This is recommended for more complex accounting setups and it takes longer to set up correctly as you will need to build the journals yourself but you can have an unlimited number of accounts and cost centres.

The custom payroll journals are available for all accounting softwares and you can also include custom pay elements in your custom journal.

How to set the Custom Payroll Journals in the app

In Order to do the setup in the app you simply go to Reports > Payroll Journals > Switch to Custom Payroll Journals.

You will then see this screen where you have to select the Custom method

Here you can:

- Click on How does it work to get more information on how to set up custom payroll journals

- Change the export format by clicking on Change your accounting software (Xero, Sage50, Quickbooks, NetSuite)

- Click on Generate payroll preview to test your journal setup

- Import multiple accounts by downloading the file, filling this and uploading back to the app.

You can also click on "Add an account" and you will need to input the label, nominal code and choose the corresponding pay item and cost centers.

This is how you can add an account without using the Import for multiple accounts functions.

For custom pay items, the feature is giving you the option to add:

- A custom additional payment or

- A custom additional deduction.

The custom pay item label will gather all pay items named Holiday pay in this case.

What to expect

Once the setup is done and you are happy with the Payroll journal preview, the file will automatically be generated after running payroll for the month and will continue to do so automatically each month.

You can find the file in Documents > Company documents > Payroll journals.

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