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Required actions, reminders, and payslip messages
Required actions, reminders, and payslip messages
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This article explains what the required actions are, how to add reminders for admins, and how to add messages to your employees' payslips.

Required actions

To prevent you from running your payroll with errors, PayFit displays a list of required actions. You won't be able to run your payroll until you've resolved them.

To view your required actions, either:

  • Click the notification bell in the top-left:

  • From the left, click My Dashboard, then refer to the Pending tasks section:

For further information about common required actions and how to resolve them, please refer to our Help Centre article. If you're unable to clear a required action, please get in touch.

Adding custom reminders

You can use the custom reminders feature in PayFit to remind you of any important tasks or events in the future. For example, adding a referral bonus in three months or adding a salary increase when an employee passes their probation.

To add a reminder:

  1. From the employee's record, click the Employment tab.

  2. Under the Contract section, click Custom reminders.

  3. Click Add a custom reminder.

  4. Add your reminder message, and choose a date for the reminder to appear.

  5. Click Save.

The reminder will appear as a required action, as mentioned in the section above.

You can also find them on your monthly changes page:

  1. From the left, choose Run my payroll, then Monthly changes.

  2. Under the People section, click Custom reminders.

To remove the reminder, click Delete line, or to reschedule it, click Edit.

Adding a payslip message

You can add a message to an employee's payslip. You might like to congratulate them on a particular milestone, wish them a happy Christmas, or explain a new item on their payslip.

To add a message for an individual employee:

  1. From the employee's record, click the Payslip breakdown tab.

  2. Under the Pay overview section, click Add a payslip message.

  3. Enter your message, then click Save.

To add a message in bulk:

  1. From the left, choose Imports, then More imports.

  2. Under the Cost centres and more section, click Import payslip message.

  3. Download the template, then upload your completed template.

The message will appear in the top-left corner of the employee's payslip, under their name.

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