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Set up access to documents in the employee space
Set up access to documents in the employee space
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One of the many benefits of using PayFit is that employees can access their own space. This is where they can edit their own personal details or bank account details, and access their payroll documents. Before you can provide access to documents, you'll need to activate the employee space. For more information about how to do this, please refer to our Help Centre article.

Tip: We also offer additional modules where employees can request leaves, submit expenses, and much more. For further information, about our HRIS module, please refer to this Help Centre article, or for more information about our Expenses module, please refer to this Help Centre article.

The documents an employee can access include:

  • Automatic enrolment letters

  • Employment contract

  • P60

  • P45

  • P11D

  • Payslips

  • Payslips from your previous software provider (if uploaded during onboarding)

  • Proof of expense

  • Leave notes, such as a MATB1, or fit note from a doctor.

To allow employees with an employee space to access their payroll documents:

  1. From the left, choose Access & emails, then Employees access.

  2. In the Employee space settings section, toggle on the Allow your employees to access their documents option.

  3. Click Authorise access.

The next time the employee logs in to their employee space, they'll see a Documents option in the menu on the left.

As an admin, you can view those same documents. To do this:

  1. From the left, click Documents, then Employee documents.

  2. Use the drop-down in the top-left to choose the relevant employee.

  3. The folders shown below contain the different documents available to your employee.

Tip: Within any folder, use the Add a document button in the top-right corner to add more documents to your employees. This allows you to securely send confidential documents to your employee.

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