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Reconciling your HMRC account
Reconciling your HMRC account
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After running your payroll, you need to make a payment to HMRC. It includes:

  • Tax, National Insurance and student loan deducted from your employees

  • Employer National Insurance

  • Apprenticeship levy, if applicable.

Your payment may be reduced by:

  • Employment allowance, if you qualify

  • Statutory recoverable pay if you have an employee on a period of statutory leave such as maternity leave or paternity leave.

HMRC gathers this information from the Real Time Information (RTI) submissions that are sent, such as your full payment submission (FPS) each time you pay your employees and your EPS each month.

You have a legal obligation to pay the correct amount to the HMRC based on the records they hold.

Reconciling PayFit to your HMRC account

To reconcile your HMRC account you'll need:

  1. Access to your HMRC account.

  2. Your Employer Payment Record (also known as a P32) from your PayFit account. You can find this under the Reports > Company reports section.

The first image below shows the HMRC account information; the second image shows the PayFit employer payment record.

  • A positive value (+) shows a charge to your HMRC account.

  • A negative value (-) shows a credit to your HMRC account.

To reconcile your account, simply work through each value for tax, National Insurance, student loans, and any other values, and check that your HMRC account matches PayFit.

What to do if you identify a discrepancy

If you've reconciled your HMRC account and find that something doesn’t match, it could be that there is an issue with your payroll data or HMRC has assigned payments incorrectly. For more information about how to resolve an HMRC discrepancy, please refer to our Help Centre article.

You may see interest accruing on your HMRC account if your payment is late or doesn't match the payments you've made to HMRC. You can call HMRC on 0300 200 3200 and ask them to hold interest while we investigate your discrepancy.

Important dates




The latest date to submit your FPS.

PayFit submits your FPS no later than your payday.

10th of following month

HMRC updates your account with the values from your FPS.

19th of following month

The latest date you can submit your EPS for the previous tax month.

Payfit submits your EPS no later than the 9th of the following month.

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