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How to read an xml file
How to read an xml file
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Using .xml files for P11D/(b) submissions

How to open the documents

If you do not have a software that allows you to download and open .xml documents then here are 2 methods which will allow you to view the contents of the file:

Download the .xml file from PayFit, and without opening it change the name of the file from .xml to .txt. You will now be able to open the file using TextEdit or Notepad

If you use Google Chrome you will be able to download the .xml file and then drag and drop it from your downloads folder to a new tab on Chrome.

How to read the documents:

We acknowledge that these documents are not the most nicely formatted due to the formatting requirements of the HMRC online submissions so here are the key things to look for.

To view the total amounts submitted to the HMRC for the P11D(b) you will need to search for <TotalBenefit>. This line will show you the total value of all employees taxable benefits.

Just below the <TotalBenefit>, you will see <NICpayable>. This is the amount that will be due on your HMRC account.

If you scroll down the document you will be able to see the information that was submitted for each employee. Type = the category of the benefit <GrossOrAmtForgone> = the total YTD value of that benefit <MadeGood> = the total amount of any employee contributions towards the benefit <CashEquivOrRelevantAmt> = the taxable amount (Total value of the benefit - any employee contributions)


Here you can see Peter had Β£294.30 worth of Vouchers (Type C) & Β£85.64 worth of Private Medical Insurance (Type I) over the year. He made no contributions towards either of the benefits so the full amount is taxable.

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