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The PayFit fundamentals
The PayFit fundamentals
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The PayFit app is made of two distinct sections: the admin and the employee spaces

1️⃣. The admin space

It is from the admin space that you will be able to process your payroll automatically, find all your company documents (payslips, BACS files, payroll journals, reports, etc...), but also manage your workforce. This admin space is split into two parts.

In the My company section, you can add pay variables in bulk for multiple employees, validate your employees’ payslips, define your organisational charts, select validation rights, prepare the onboarding checklist of new employees and find all documents, including accounting reports and exports. If you manage several subsidiary companies, you will also be able to access the holding view which gathers the information of the different sub-companies.

The My employees section allows you to add new employees, view their payslips, change their personal and contact information, or add pay (bonuses, deductions) and HR (leaves, remote working) elements individually for any employee.

2️⃣. The employee space

The employee space will enable your employees to view their payslips, make leave requests, access the company's organisational chart, add their expenses or add their work schedules. It also enables managers to validate or reject their team members’ requests (leaves & expenses).

Profiles available on PayFit

On PayFit, there are 4 standard profiles with different rights and access.

Admin: these profiles have access to all the information, features and settings of the company's account with PayFit. Different admins have different access levels to enable according to the information that is relevant for their roles.

Manager: These employee profiles can validate leaves and expenses of their team members via their personal space (validation section). However, they do not have access to the admin area.

External Manager: These profiles can view and validate leaves and/or expenses without being on the company payroll.

Employee: These profiles can access the employee space where they will find all payslips, as well as having the opportunity to request leaves and add their expenses.

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