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Managing employees without a National Insurance number
Managing employees without a National Insurance number
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Obtaining your employee's National Insurance Number

Before you pay your employee for the first time, you should ask them to provide you with their National Insurance (NI) number, also known as an NINO.

Your employee doesn't know their NI number

Your employee can find their National Insurance number on:

Your employee doesn't have an NI number

You can still pay an employee who doesn't have an NI number. You can simply leave the field blank in the employee's record until you receive the correct National Insurance number.

Note: A temporary NI number can't be used on your HMRC submission, and therefore you're unable to add this number to the employee's record in PayFit.

Receiving your employee's NI number from HMRC

After you have submitted the first FPS that includes your new employee, HMRC will validate the employee details against the National Insurance numbers. If they hold the correct National Insurance number for your employee, they will provide this via an RTI Notice.

You can view your RTI notices via your employer's Government Gateway account. Alternatively, if you've set up your PayFit account to automatically receive HMRC notices, the new NI number is automatically applied to the employee.

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