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HRIS Module: One to One (1:1) feature
HRIS Module: One to One (1:1) feature
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In addition to managing your payroll in PayFit, you can also subscribe to our HRIS Module, combining HR and Payroll in one platform. The module includes the following features;

  • Create a smoother experience for new employees by creating an onboarding questionnaire to gather employee information.

  • Allow employees to manage their leaves from their employee space.

  • Create your org chart and make it visible to only admins, or employees too.

  • Allow access for employees and managers to document their regular 1:1 reviews.

  • Create workflows for indirect managers to receive requests to approve leaves, expenses and time-tracking when the employee's usual manager isn't available.

This article focuses on the 1:1 feature but please take a look at the articles above to explore the additional features.

What is the 1:1 Module?

PayFit's 1:1 module is a space to track meetings between team members such as discussions between managers and team members or across functions. PayFit's 1:1 tool makes it possible to create meeting templates for team members to track conversations during recurring meetings to ensure consistency, structure and support.

The 1:1 module can also be used outside of a manager / employee relationship and can be useful for tracking conversations between two collaborators without hierarchical link, such as cross function 1:1s for project management.

This feature is only available in your PayFit account if the PayFit account administrator has activated this feature. If you're interested in enabling this feature, please reach out to our customer care team, who can help you set this up.

Feature Overview: 1:1 Tool

✅ You can set up a 1:1 with anyone in your team, whether it's a manager and direct report or two colleagues wanting to establish a regular point to monitor a project.

✅ Questions can be customised to suit the needs of the meeting (sample questions are also provided too if preferred).

✅ Employees can attach documents to their answers if needed.

✅ Employees can see their previous answers to the question when filling in the 1:1 form so that they can reflect on their past answers when adding new information.

✅ Employees receive a reminder email to fill in their 1:1 the day before the meeting. The organiser of the 1:1 is also notified when the other employee has filled in the 1:1 form so that they can review the answers ahead of the meeting.

✅ The 1:1 organiser can view the other participant's responses once the form has been submitted. They can add comments and react to the answers with emojis.

✅ Participants can come back to their 1:1 form to modify or complete information before the meeting. To do this, go back to the 1:1 page and click on “Modify my answers”.

✅ You're able to sync your 1:1 with Google Calendar. Other calendar integrations are coming soon.

❌ Only the participants of the 1:1 are able to set up the 1:1 meetings - managers or other team members cannot set up 1:1s for other colleagues (unless they are involved in them).

❌ Each 1:1 template is unique to the conversation between the employees so it cannot currently be copied across to multiple 1:1s with different people.

❌ PayFit's 1:1 tool is an additional feature. If you aren't able to see the People tab in the menu on the left of your PayFit employee account, it's likely that this isn't included in your current package. If you're interested in signing up for PayFit's 1:1 tool, please raise a ticket to speak to a member of our team to hear more about pricing.

How can I access the 1:1 module?

The 1:1 module can be found in the employee space, under the "People" tab.

How to Set Up a 1:1

1️⃣ Log on to your PayFit Employee space and go to the “People” option on your menu, click 'discover the new 1:1 feature'.

2️⃣ You will now see a brief overview of the tool along with the 3 step process.

3️⃣ Select the employee with whom you want to initiate a 1:1.

4️⃣ Choose the frequency of your 1:1, click create my first 1:1.

5️⃣ Your 1:1 is now created 🎉

To adapt the questions set out for this 1:1 click ' General Settings'.

6️⃣ To edit a 1:1, you should click the three dots under 'Action'.

7️⃣ Personalise your discussions topics with your chosen team member.

Receiving a 1:1 request

Once your 1:1 is created, your team member will have access to the 1:1 form from their personal space.

1️⃣ Your employee will receive a notification on their people space and an email reminder to prompt them to fill out the discussion topics.

2️⃣ The employee will answer the questions you've selected in the 1:1 form.

3️⃣ Once the form has been completed, it will be submitted and shared with the form creator (who will be notified via email), who can review the answers and add comments ahead of the meeting taking place.

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