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Enabling manager access and the manager space
Enabling manager access and the manager space
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As an administrator, when adding employees to PayFit you can upgrade certain employees to have Manager, Accountant or Administrator access too.

For information about Administrator access, please refer to our Help Centre article.

What's included in Manager Access?

βœ… Access to validate absences / expenses depending on your subscription plan.

βœ… Access working time monitoring if relevant to employee's contracts.

βœ… Access employee overview including information such as; birthday, start date, salary (if enabled by admin), annual leave entitlement, etc.,

❌ Managers can't amend employee's leaves.

❌ Managers can't input leave on their employee's behalf.

❌ Managers can't see employees' payslips.

Set up manager access

  1. From the left, choose Access & emails, then Administrators.

  2. Click Create Account.

  3. Find the relevant employee from the list or select the external person if the manager isn't an employee on PayFit.

  4. Click Next.

  5. From the Role drop-down, select Manager, then click Create Account.

Once the manager is set up, you can use an organisational chart to assign employees to a manager. For more information about organisational charts, please refer to our Help Centre article. Otherwise, you can assign the manager directly from the employee's record:

Logging into the manager space

If you've assigned the manager role to an existing employee, when they log in to their PayFit account, they'll see two login options; manager and employee. By clicking the manager space, they'll only see information related to their teams' overview, absences and expenses.

For further information about the employee space, please refer to our Help Centre article.

Validations in the manager space

When logged in, managers can use the Validation section to access any Leaves and Expense requests from their team members. They can access all pending validations, approved, refused or cancelled leaves and expenses. They can also export their team's requests to review offline.

Team details in the manager space

Managers can see their team's details by clicking on My Team. They can see their direct reports listed on the left, and selecting an employee shows an overview of the employee's information.


Can a manager access their subteams?

A manager can have access to multiple teams. However, each team can only have one manager.

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