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Making your monthly payroll changes
Making your monthly payroll changes
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Once you have your employees added to PayFit, it’s time to start the process of making monthly changes and finalising the account to run your first payroll with PayFit 🚀

Monthly Changes

💡 Every time you make changes to your employee’s payslip for the month, you can view the change being applied in real-time by clicking ‘View Payslip’ in the employee profile

Adding additional payments and deductions

To add any additional payments or deductions for your employees, from the left, choose Pay Items then select either Additional Payments or Additional Deductions.

Additional Payments and Additional Deductions can also be found within each employee’s record if you want to add these on an individual basis.

Additional Payments

In the Additional Payments section, select Add and proceed to fill in the information regarding the payment you want to make to your employee. You can choose from the following payment types:

If you have several additional payments to input, you can upload them in bulk by downloading the “Import Payments” spreadsheet in the right-hand corner. You can then upload the spreadsheet to the same location. Find out more about the bulk import function here.

👉 Please see this article for further instructions on additional payments.

Additional Deductions

From the Additional Deductions section, select the deduction type, click see all/add, and then complete the deduction information. You can choose from the following deduction types:

If you have several additional deductions to input, you can upload them in bulk by downloading the Import spreadsheet. First, select the deduction type and then click the import button on the right-hand side to download the spreadsheet and upload it back to PayFit. Find out more about the bulk import function here.

Adding leaves for the month

If you're utilising our PayFit HRIS function then you're in luck! All of the leave you input into the HR function for the month will be automatically calculated and populated on your employee's payslip! This is also the case for our customers utilising our integrations with HiBob, Bamboo HR, or Personio.

Manual Leave Input

To access an employee’s leave section, from the employee's record, click the Leaves tab.

Here, you can enter the following types of leave:

Making Contractual Changes

To make changes to your employee’s contract, from the employee's record, click the Employment tab.

Here, you can process the following contractual changes:

All contractual changes made will be updated in real-time on the employee’s payslips and can be edited up until you run payroll!

Adding Benefits

From the left, choose Benefits & P11D submission, then Report and enable your benefits.

Here, you can set up the following benefits:

🚀 Pre-Payroll Checks 🚀

After your data has been uploaded to PayFit and monthly changes have been made, please conduct some pre-payroll data checks.

Is there any missing data?

Please review this onboarding report to identify any missing data. To find your onboarding report, from the left, choose Reports, then Company reports. Under the Payroll reports section, click Onboarding.

Here are the key fields to look out for:

  • Employees in a student loan plan but have no YTD figure

  • Employees on parental leave (not the first month) with no YTD figure

  • Employees missing previous employment data who have a starter declaration of B or C

  • Employees missing current employment YTD data (tax, NI etc) if not onboarding in April

Let’s Review your Payslips

From the left, choose Run My Payroll, then Check payslips.

We suggest using your payslips for the previous month and conducting a comparison with the payslips produced by PayFit. This ensures there have been no significant changes that have occurred as a result of the switch to PayFit!

Let’s check 4 points on the payslip:

1️⃣ Base Salary - Is the base salary the same from one payslip to another? Bonuses for example, will affect taxes and other figures.

2️⃣ Tax and National Insurance - Are the figures similar to those in the previous payslip? Look out for any tax rebates or unusually high tax deductions. Check the tax code as this may be the root of any issues.

3️⃣ Net Pay - Is the net pay close to the total on your previous payslip? Keep in mind there may be differences due to bonuses, commissions, additional deductions, etc. that did not occur in the previous month. Small variances in the net pay can occur when moving to a new payroll software, so we classify a discrepancy as any variance over 70p.

4️⃣ Year-to-Date Figures - Check that the correct YTD figures are displayed on the payslip. The wrong YTD figures could result in an incorrect tax calculation for your employee.

🤔 Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Did I select the correct pension settings for this employee? If the pensions and taxes are off for all payslips, you likely have the wrong pension settings.

  2. Did I select the correct directorship calculation method? For directors, there are two ways to calculate their national insurance.

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