Updating tax codes
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After you submit your full payment submission (FPS) for the month, or at the start of a new tax year, HMRC may issue a tax code change via your HMRC account. You can apply a tax code change for an individual employee, or in bulk.

Tip: You can enable PayFit to automatically apply your HMRC notifications. For further information, please refer to your Help Centre article.

To update an individual employee's tax code:

  1. From the employee's record, click the Employment tab.

  2. Under the HMRC information section, click Edit.

  3. Under the Tax information section, add the new tax code, then click Save.

To update employee tax codes in bulk:

  1. From the left, choose Imports, then More imports.

  2. Under the Employment section, click Update tax code.

  3. Click Download template.

  4. Complete the template then follow the steps to upload your template.

  5. To check the progress of the import, from the left, choose Imports, then Log.

  6. Wait for the Status to change to Completed.

For information about how to update tax codes at the end of the tax year, please refer to our Help Centre article.

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