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Employer Payment Record Report (P32)
Employer Payment Record Report (P32)
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What is a P32?

The P32 is the Employer Payment Record. It’s a summary of the amounts you have paid to HMRC each month. The main objective of this report is to provide a breakdown of the BACS payment to HMRC for a particular pay period.

What information is reflected on a P32?

On your Employer Payment Record report, you should expect to see a breakdown of the debits (taxes) and credits (recoverable figures as SMP, SPP etc) with HMRC, concluding with a total amount owed to HMRC.

Below is a breakdown of the downloadable report with a description of what each field means.

Where can I find this report in PayFit?

You're able to find this report in PayFit by heading to My Company > Reports > Company Reports > Employer Payment Record.

Once you've clicked on the Employer Payment Record, scroll down and you're able to download the full report in pdf or excel format.

How to access previous months P32s

On the Company Reports screen, you can change the month you're looking at by clicking on the Calendar at the top right corner of the screen and selecting the preferred month from the dropdown.

You're then able to look at any month's P32, even once your account has rolled over into a different month.

You're also able to view a YTD Employer Payment Record by selecting the report in the middle column.

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